Tuesday, November 24, 2015

This Librarian's Quick Picks: Night World

Night World by Mordecai Gerstein book coverNight World
by Mordicai Gerstein
Little, Brown (June 2015)
Picture Book


Sylvie the cat persuades her boy to go into the darkness very late at night, where they are greeted by the shadows of roses and other flowers, and by nocturnal animals who whisper, "it's almost here." 

Why You'll Love It:
  •  This book will stand the test of repeated readings. The illustrations are full of seek-and-find elements that will have readers looking through the book again and again.
  • Bedtime stories are perennial favorites, but this celebration of sunrise adds a new twist: could work as both a morning and nighttime read.
  • Educators will see numerous science curriculum tie-ins here: animal behavior; concepts of day, night, and dawn.

Who Should Read It:

Great for PreK-2nd graders.

Night World illustrations Mordicai Gerstein

What Else You Should Read:

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