Saturday, September 27, 2014

This Librarian's Quick Picks: Ben Franklin's Big Splash

Ben Franklin's Big Splash by Barb Rosenstock book cover picture bookBen Franklin's Big Splash: The Mostly True Story of His First Invention
by Barb Rosenstock
Calkins Creek (Sep. 1, 2014)
Picture Book 


Eleven-year-old Benjamin Franklin creates his first invention so that he can swim like a fish.

Why You'll Love It:
  •   There is plenty of emphasis on words and phrases that are highlighted by colorful and distinct typefaces, some sliding down the page or shaped like a watery wave.
  • Rosenstock spotlights Franklin's curiosity and emphasizes the steps of the scientific method (problem, research, hypothesis, test, analyze, conclude) in describing Franklin’s thought processes.
  • Ben's curiosity, wit, and athleticism shine through, and his enthusiasm for the water is catching.

Who Should Read It:

Great for grades 2-5...and here's the book trailer.

What Else You Should Read:

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