Monday, March 13, 2017

This Librarian's Quick Picks: Short

by Holly Goldberg Sloan
Dial Books (January 2017)
Realistic Fiction/Humor Fiction

What It's All About:

Julia is very short for her age, but by the end of the summer run of The Wizard of Oz, she'll realize how big she is inside, where it counts. She hasn't ever thought of herself as a performer, but when the wonderful director of Oz casts her as a Munchkin, she begins to see herself in a new way. Julia becomes friendly with the poised and wise Olive--one of the adults with dwarfism who've joined the production's motley crew of Munchkins. With her deeply artistic neighbor, Mrs. Chang, Julia's own sense of self as an artist grows. Soon, she doesn't want to fade into the background--and it's a good thing, because her director has more big plans for Julia!

Why You'll Love It:
  • Sloan again captures the authentic voice of a child dealing with weighty topics, including loss and identity, in a charming and often funny way.
  • It’s refreshing that Julia doesn’t mind being short and believes she’s “little, but big inside.” Her self-acceptance is inspiring, and the joy she experiences in her foray into theater is irresistible.
  •  Julia's musings about the play also serve as a well-crafted introduction to theater terminology and convey drama’s ability to open participants up to new experiences.
Who Should Read It:

Perfect for 5th-8th graders.

What Else You Should Read:


Joanne Roberts said...

This sounds totally amazing. Thanks for the great pick! I love recommendations for author's I don't know.

Jane @ said...

I love that this isn't just a story about a kid who his "different" and their difficult journey to self-acceptance. We have so many of those stories already - what we need are positive stories that show just how amazing life can be, whatever your life might look like!

Cheriee Weichel said...

I've got a copy here, but haven't had a chance to start it yet. Thanks for the encouragement to get on it.

Svalter said...

Short has been on my list for awhile, but I forgot that it had been released. Thanks for the review and the reminder--I loved Counting by 7s and can't wait to read it!

Lisa Maucione said...

Short was a great read. I loved how the main character changed through her experience. The theater aspect made it an interesting read.

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