Friday, February 24, 2017

I Tried It: Book Tasting/Book Speed Dating

I recently ordered a bunch of new books and wanted to show them off to my students in a fun way. Enter one of my school's reading teachers, Mrs. Russell, and a collaboration was born! 

We hosted a book tasting in the library! This activity enables students to quickly rotate through lots of different genres and sample each book for a couple of minutes. This also exposes students to types of books they might not normally pick up on their own.

 Here are some pictures from our event and some further resources from some of my favorite middle school librarian bloggers below. 

Awesome Book Tasting Resources:

Read Mrs. ReaderPants' overview of her experience hosting book speed dating in her middle school library.

Check out Mighty Little Librarian's take on Book Speed Dating.

Here's a free book speed dating sheet from Teachers Pay Teachers.

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