Friday, December 2, 2016

Books By Theme: If you like Ann Patchett...

Ann Patchett author collage

Ann Patchett is the author of six novels, The Patron Saint of LiarsTaftThe Magician's AssistantBel CantoRun, and State of Wonder. She was the editor of Best American Short Stories, 2006, and has written three books of nonfiction, Truth & Beauty, about her friendship with the writer, Lucy Grealy, What now? an expansion of her graduation address at Sarah Lawrence College, and, most recently, This is the Story of a Happy Marriage, a collection of essays that examines the theme of commitment. 

If you've read and enjoyed Patchett's work, you'll probably like these authors too!
(Click on each author's name for their full list of works.)

Anne Tyler author collage

Though Anne Tyler's writing is down to earth and Ann Patchett's contains hints of magical realism, both authors show deep insight into human nature in their thoughtful, somewhat bittersweet, character-driven novels. Both develop themes defining friendship and family in contemporary America; and how different yet interlinked people respond to significant life events.

Sara Gruen author collage

Literary fiction writers Ann Patchett and Sara Gruen, both favorites of book groups, write thought-provoking works of social commentary. Their novels feature richly layered characters, complex moral dilemmas, beautifully crafted prose, and evocative, often exotic settings.

Gloria Naylor author collage

Both authors create moving, character-driven novels, often with a hint of magical realism. In prose that skillfully shifts from direct to poetic, psychological and social issues play out between families, friends, and the contemporary American world around them. Their insights can be bittersweet but they promote hope in a thoughtful manner. 


Sarah's Book Shelves said...

Love this post! I recently read and loved Commonwealth and then followed it up with a couple more family saga type novels that reminded me of Commonwealth, both of which I loved: Before the Wind by Jim Lynch and Miller's Valley by Anna Quindlen. I'd say Quindlen could go on your list without the magical realism....although I don't normally love MR, yet do love Patchett!

Thanks for giving me some more authors to try - maybe Anne Tyler next!

Debbie Rodgers said...

Great post! I like Ann Patchett, Anne Tyler and Sara Gruen, so I added Gloria Naylor to my TBR list. :-)

Anonymous said...

Such a nice way of writing up book suggestions. I have a little of this and a little of that to read from nearly every set you presented.

Laurel-Rain Snow said...

I love Ann Patchett and Anne Tyler...but I have only read a couple of Patchett's books (Run, Commonwealth). I am curious about The Patron Saint of Liars, which I thought I'd read, but I had seen a TV movie instead.


Karen said...

I have only read one Ann Patchett book (Commonwealth) but I plan to read State of Wonder soon. I did read Sara Gruen's Water for Elephants and I really enjoyed that writing style. It has been a while, but yup, they were very similar. I guess I NEED to check out Anne Tyler now. Thanks for the recs!

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