Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mini Reviews: Confederates in the Attic, A Thousand Lives, and Malaria Dreams

book cover of Confederates in the attic by Tony Horwitz
Confederates in the Attic
by Tony Horwitz
Vintage, 1998
Non-Fiction (History)

Summary in a Sentence:

Tony Horwitz, a former war correspondent, tells of his journeys to Civil War battlefields and the colorful people he meets along the way.

Read it if...

you've ever noticed that the 'War Between the States' continues to live in so many issues still with us, or if you're simply a fan of good narrative non-fiction. 5 stars.

by Julia Scheeres
Free Press, 2011
Non-Fiction (Religion)

Summary in a Sentence:

Presents an account of how Jim Jones' followers who started out seeking a Utopian dream, soon found themselves trapped in a work camp run by a madman, and ended in the mass murder-suicide of 914 members in November 1978.

Read it if...

you remember what happened at Jonestown or have ever heard the phrase "don't drink the Kool-Aid" and were curious about its derivation. 3 stars.

book cover of Malaria Dreams by Stuart Stevens
Malaria Dreams
by Stuart Stevens
Atlantic Monthly Press, 1989
Non-Fiction (Travel Writing)

Summary in a Sentence:

Recounts an adventure, by Stevens and a companion, across the wildest part of Africa that includes Cameroon, Lake Chad, Niger, Timbuktu, the Sahara, and ends at the shores of the Mediterranean.

Read it if...

you love armchair travel with hints of hilarity, or if you'd like to really know what Africa was like in the late 1980s. 5 stars.


Zibilee said...

I am really interested in reading A Thousand Lives, and have it on my shelves. I am really fascinated by the subject matter and think that it would be a book I would enjoy. Great mini-reviews today!

A Bookshelf Monstrosity said...

Thanks Zibilee. I've found that mini-reviews are all I have the patience for anymore.

Marie Cloutier said...

Confederates int he Attic is one of those books I keep meaning to pick up. thanks for the reminder!

Ryan said...

All three of these titles sound intriquing, but especially Malaria Dreams.

Anonymous said...

Confederates in the Attic is a particularly interesting read.

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