Sunday, November 7, 2010

Reading Goals, 2011 Style

I attended the Tennessee Association of School Librarians conference Friday and Saturday, which was just the refresher I needed to get pumped about my reading for next year. I attended many great breakout sessions, but one that particularly stayed with me was Terri Kirk's 'Great Reads for Teens'. I am at a K-8 school, but most of my 7th and 8th graders are beyond 'middle school' literature. They want straight-up YA, so I want to deliver. Terri Kirk reads about 100 books a year, primarily YA since she is a high school librarian.

I love that my kids assume I've read all 10,000 books in my library, and I wish it were true. No, my goal is not to read every book in the library this year. I wish. Instead, I'm going to focus on the 2011-2012 Volunteer State Book Award Nominees for the 4-6 and 7-12 grade brackets. The list is as follows:

VOLUNTEER STATE BOOK AWARD--Intermediate Division (Grades 4-6)
Baskin, Nora Raleigh.  Anything but Typical Simon & Schuster, 2009. 5/5
Berlin, Eric.  The Potato Chips Puzzles.  G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 2009.
Clements, Andrew.  Extra Credit.  Atheneum,  2009.
Feldman, Jody.  The Gollywhopper Games.  Greenwillow Books, 2008.
Giff, Patricia Reilly.  Wild Girl. Wendy Lamb Books, 2009.
Jonell, Lynne.  The Secret of Zoom.  Holt, 2009.
Kehret, Peg.  Runaway Twin.  Dutton, 2009.
Klise, Kate.  Dying to Meet You: 43 Old Cemetary Road.  Harcourt, 2009.
Korman, Gordon.  Swindle.  Scholastic, 2008. 3.5/5
Mass, Wendy.  11 Birthdays.  Scholastic, 2009.
McKinnon, Hannah Roberts.  Franny Parker.  Farrar Straus Giroux, 2009.
Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds. Faith, Hope, and Ivy June. Delacorte,  2009.
Parry, Rosanne.  Heart of a Shepherd.  Random House, 2009.
Paulson, Gary.  Mudshark Random House, 2009.
Petersen, P.J.  Wild River.  Delacorte, 2009.
Pitchford, Dean.  Captain Nobody.  G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 2009.
Rollins, James.  Jake Ransom and the Skull King's Shadow. HarperCollins, 2009.
Smith, Roland.  Tentacles.  Scholastic, 2009.
Stewart, Trenton Lee.  The Mysterious Benedict Society.  Little, Brown, 2008. 4/5
Tubb, Kristin O’Donnell.  Autumn Winifred Oliver Does Things Different.  Delacorte, 2008.

VOLUNTEER STATE BOOK AWARD--Young Adult Division (Grades 7-12)

Anderson, Laurie Halse. Wintergirls. Viking Juvenile, 2009.
Brown, Jennifer. Hate List. Little, Brown Books, 2009.
Bunce, Elizabeth C.  A Curse Dark as Gold. Arthur A Levine, 2008.
Chima, Cinda Williams. The Demon King. Hyperion, 2009.
Dashner, James. The Maze RunnerDelacorte, 2009.
Fleming, Candace. The Great and Only Barnum. Schwatz & Ward, 2009.
Forman, Gayle. If I StayDutton, 2009. 
Garcia, Kami and Margaret Stohl. Beautiful Creatures Little, Brown, 2009. 3/5
Herlong, M.H. The Great Wide SeaViking, 2008
Hoose, Phillip. Claudette Colvin: Twice Toward Justice. Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 2009. 
Kelly, Jacqueline. The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate. Henry Holt.
Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds.  Faith, Hope, and Ivy June. Delacorte, 2009.
Osterlund, Anne. Academy 7. Speak, 2009.
Padian, Maria.  Brett McCarthy: Work in Progress. Knopf, 2008.
Reinhardt, Dana. How to Build a House.  Wendy Lamb, 2008.
Ryan, Carrie. The Forest of Hands and TeethDelacorte, 2009.
Smith, Roland. I, Q: Book One: Independence Hall. Sleeping Bear Press, 2008.
Smith, Sherri L. Flygirl. Speak, 2009.
Stead, Rebecca. When You Reach Me. Wendy Lamb Books, 2009.
Stork, Francisco.  Marcelo in the Real WorldArthur A. Levine, 2009.
Stiefvater, Maggie. Shiver. Scholastic, 2009.                    
Westerfeld, Scott.  Leviathan.Simon Pulse, 2009.
Whitman, Emily.  Radiant Darkness. Greenwillow, 2009.
Yancey, Rick. The Monstrumologist. Simon and Shuster, 2009.
Zarr, Sara. Once Was Lost.Little, Brown, 2009. 5/5

~ For my own sanity's sake, I'd like to mix in some adult fiction and nonfiction throughout the year.~


keb said...

Push that VSBA stuff, A.

Amanda said...

Good luck to you Amanda! I've seen several people making goals right about now and that's awesome. :)

Amy said...

Great goal! And definitely a good one. Best of luck with it.

Lisa said...

Oh goody! Now I'll know which books to try to get my daughter to read!

Michelle Stockard Miller said...


I started reading your post and when I saw Tennessee, I checked your profile. I had no idea that you live in Tennessee! I live in Nashville (Donelson, actually). I just wanted to let you know about a group I have put together, Tennessee Book Bloggers. My goal is to eventually organize in- person meet ups when we get enough members. Right now, we stand at about 12 members (a couple do not live in Tennessee). If you're interested in joining, I host the group on Goodreads here:
I hope you will join us. And btw, I admire your passion for library science. I have considered entering the field myself.


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