Tuesday, March 23, 2010

All Things Kid Lit: My Garden

Picture Book Pick of the Week:

My Garden by Kevin Henkes book coverMy Garden
written and illustrated by Kevin Henkes

A young girl knows what she’d have in her garden: rabbits made of chocolate, seashells that grow more seashells, and flowers that would change color by her thought alone. “Sometimes in my garden, good, unusual things would just pop up—buttons and umbrellas and rusty old keys.” There’s no need to water or weed in this garden, and only one simple tool can make it grow.

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Kid Lit Links of Interest:

author Rebecca Stead headshot
Washington Post
March 16, 2010

A 2006 New York Times article -- about a man who had amnesia and kept walking up to people asking them for help -- reminded author Rebecca Stead of a man she had passed every day growing up in New York City, whom she called the laughing man. "He was this really erratic, scary guy and my kid-reaction was just terror," she said. That memory, she explained, "was the seed" for "When You Reach Me," which won this year's Newbery Medal as best children's book.

Seattle Times
March 15, 2010

Think "March Madness" is all about basketball? Think again. For the second consecutive year, School Library Journal is sponsoring a "Battle of the Kids' Books." Patterned after the wildly popular March Madness, when college basketball teams vie against one another in a "bracket" scheme, the "Battle of the Kids' Books" pits 16 topnotch children's books against each other and asks popular children's-book authors to choose a winner.


Julie P. said...

I absolutely love Henkes. His Easter book about Owen's marshmallow peeps is one of my favorites!

Zibilee said...

I know a little girl that would probably just love this book! I will have to jot down the name and author so I can pick it up for her Easter gift! Thanks!

Jenners said...

"My Garden" sounds adorable! I love the ideas in it ... and I could see it leading to a fun discussion with my Little One. Thanks.

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