Monday, November 30, 2009

Books by Theme: Vikings!

Vikings on the shore made out of legos

Eaters of the dead by Michael Crichton book cover
Eaters of the Dead
by Michael Crichton

Ibn Fadlan sets out in A.D. 922 as an ambassador from Baghdad to the King of Saqaliba, but before he arrives, he meets Viking chieftain Buliwyf, and joins him on a mission to Scandinavia where they must battle the monsters threatening the land. Better known as the movie The 13th Warrior.

Whale Road by Robert Low book cover

The Whale Road
by Robert Low

Orm Rurikson is taken from Norway to serve on a Viking raiding ship and must rely on his own creativity and wit to survive as a member of the notorious crew.

The Last Kingdom 
by Bernard Cornwell

Uhtred, the son of an English nobleman, is captured at the age of ten by the Earl Ragnar, a Danish chieftain who raises the boy and trains him in the Viking ways of war, but he finds his loyalties divided when asked to join in raids against the English, and it is not until he marries that he discovers where his true heart lies.

Last Night of the Sun by Guy Gabriel Kay book coverThe Last Night of the Sun
by Guy Gavriel Kay

Driven from his northern home for crimes committed by his father, Bern Thorkellson finds his destiny across the sea, in the lands of the Angles and the Gaels, traditional enemies of his people. Set during the time of the Viking raids, the latest historical fantasy by the author of Tigana and A Song for Arbonne brings depth and texture to the ancient tales of the Norse lands.


brizmus said...

Awesome list! I love books about the vikings! I for some reason haven't read that Michael Crichton one. I should get on that.

Veens said...

Wow some list! I have not read any books by any of the authors you mention!

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