Saturday, October 3, 2009

Banned Books Wrap-Up

banned books censorship logo
I believe the following says it all:

"Our schools are filled with kids who have been treated badly all their lives. They don't tell anyone, because there is shame in being treated badly. Many-girls and boys-have been sexually mistreated. Still others struggle in fear with sexual identity. They respond with eating disorders, cutting, suicidal thought or action. I can't tell you how
many letters I've received from kids who found a friend in one of my books, a character who speaks to them. And if I get those letters, think of the letters Walter Dean Myers, or Lois Lowry, or Judy Blume get, thanking us for letting them know, through literature, that they are not alone.
In light of all that, there's really only one thing to say to the

censors. Shut up."

-Chris Crutcher
(young adult author of Whale Talk, Staying
Fat for Sarah Byrnes, Deadline, Angry Management and others)


Amanda said...

Wow, what an excellent quote! I love it.

Briana said...

Love this! And I love Christ Crutcher, Deadline is a good book! This is a nice post!! :)


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